Harjoitteluhaku on nyt auki, ruoka- ja puhtauspalvelualan opiskelija, tule meille harjoitteluun!


Palvelukeskus Helsinki

We keep the essentials in order for the city residents 24/7 – from food services to remote care. Join us for some of the most important work in the city!

Kaksi työntekijää keskustelevat. Toisella on kirja kädessään, josta hän näyttää toiselle työntekijälle jotakin.

Hello, future colleague! Explore some of the most important jobs in the city.


Care services

Nurse or practical nurse – we offer work with the most important contacts of daily life, from remote care to safety phone services.

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Ruoka- ja puhtauspalvelut

Food and cleaning services

Our food services offer some of the most impressive dining experiences in the city! We have a wide range of career paths and workplaces for kitchen and cleaning professionals – from daycare centres to assisted living facilities and hospitals.

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Still looking for your own path to grow, advance and expand? We offer various paths for students to grow into professionals – from apprenticeship training to practical training or university traineeship.

For students

Join us!

Important work - We do work that matters. We bear our responsibility as part of Finnish society.
Good colleagues - We believe that the best work is done together. We take care of our own.
Great employee benefits - The employee benefits offered by a large employer are not just a cliché.
We are proudly responsible - We bear our responsibility as part of Finnish society in all our activities.
Life is not just about work - With us, everyone can do important work and lead a full life in their own way.

#Palvelukeskushelsinki #parastayhdessä #stadilladuunissa

#Palvelukeskushelsinki #parastayhdessä #stadilladuunissa