Practical training

Practical training?

We primarily offer students in food services the opportunity to learn about the field and grow into professionals in a safe working environment and under good guidance. Practical training requires that you have a study place and that your studies include a training agreement period (formerly on-the-job learning).

We offer practical training opportunities at several different locations, from smaller heating kitchens to larger preparation kitchens, industrial kitchens and even a food production plant. We operate in schools, daycare centres, hospitals, assisted living facilities and senior centres as well as their lunch restaurants. You can also practise maintenance cleaning at a daycare centre.

The application process for practical training is now open, and the training can start flexibly during the year. Submit your practical training application well in advance and ensure that your application is taken into account in Helsinki’s neatest workplace. Maybe you will find your future job while you are at it!

Kuvassa keskustelee kaksi Palvelukeskuksen työntekijää.

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