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Kitchen and cleaning services

Our food services work every day for the functional daily life of Helsinki residents. Join us!

Hello, future colleague! Join us for some of the most impressive food services in the city!

1,600 colleagues, 500 locations in Helsinki

In Multiservices (Monipalvelut), we offer a wide range of food services for the City of Helsinki’s divisions and municipal enterprises. We operate in schools, daycare centres, hospitals, assisted living facilities and senior centres as well as their lunch restaurants. 

The food is mainly prepared in our facilities on-site at the locations by professional staff. Where this is not possible, food products are prepared in our own central kitchen located in Pakkala, Vantaa.

We operate in approximately 500 locations all over Helsinki. We offer 100,000 meals in Helsinki every day and also provide cleaning services.


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Learn more about the work of our food service officer Anna – Watch a video.

As the food service officer of one of our school restaurants, Anna ensures that about 250 primary school pupils in grades 1–5 and staff members receive a nutritious and tasty lunch every day with varying salads and beverages. Her tasks also include planning and preparing snacks for children in the afternoon club.

What is it like to work for us? Watch a video of Anna’s thoughts and read her career story.

Anna, food service officer
Anna, food service officer
Teemu, food and cleaning services
Teemu, food and cleaning services

Did you know?

We have over 100 years of expertise in food services

Helsinki’s food services had their 100th anniversary the same year that Finland celebrated one hundred years of independence. The City of Helsinki has played a significant role as a food service provider throughout its history.

We offer 100,000 meals every day in approximately 500 locations around Helsinki and provide cleaning services in approximately 170 daycare centres.

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